Where I would most like to travel to this year

As a new parent holidays abroad can seem a far off and distant dream. With a new baby in tow it can be difficult to imagine a carefree and relaxing holiday suitable for the youngest member of the family as well as the oldest. In fact, the closest I’ve got in recent weeks is to close my eyes, face the sun and imagine I’m lying on a sunkissed beach listening to the soothing sound of the waves…

However, I’ve been doing some thinking about this. Who started the notion that family holidays are more hassle than they are worth? Who said that you’ll never find a holiday relaxing now that you’re a parent? Is it the scaremongering stories on TripAdvisor that linger in the back of my mind? Is it my own anxieties about travelling on a plane with baby that is holding me back? Or, is it the media portrayal of blissful, stress-free family vacations that makes it hard for real-life families to live up to?

Europe has always been my favourite beach holiday destination. When I think of Summer holidays visions of turquoise seas, golden sands and warming sun all spring to mind and put a bounce in my step.

With shorter flight times and a variety of airport options, Europe offers many destinations that have long been favourites for the British abroad.

Since having a baby I tend to favour options that feel safe so, having been to Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey on previous family holidays, I think that these destinations could offer us what we are looking for as a family.

In Summer 2018, Mark Warner are opening their newest holiday resort in Turkey. With its prime beachfront location, contemporary accommodation, first class facilities and childcare options the Phokaia Beach Resort offers family friendly holidays with a luxurious twist.

I could see myself sipping an ice-cold cocktail looking out at the glittering Mediterranean Sea while Thrifty Dadda tries his hand on the tennis court and Thrifty Bubba is entertained by the fun loving nannies on site. Bliss!

Where would you most like to travel to this year? Have you booked your 2018 Summer holiday? Comment below and let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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I have written this post as an entry for the #MWambassador competition.


  1. Shorter flight times for the win. There was a couple in front of us on our 17-hour flight to Thailand with a 10-month-old. Luckily he was really well behaved but still not something I’d like to try I don’t think 😀

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  2. The new resort looks axing doesn’t it? We have taken our boys away since they were tiny, and throughly enjoyed each and every trip, MW is such a great choice for families, best of luck x

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  3. Do love a sunny day by the beach! I don’t tend to travel too far from home in the summer months (always optimistically thinking there might be a good summer in the UK) but off to Malta in May so hope to catch some rays then.

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