Thrifty, nifty weaning hacks: 2 weeks in

Thrifty Bubba and I are two weeks into our weaning journey so I wanted to share 8 weaning hacks that I’ve found useful so far. I have more weaning posts in the pipeline so, if you haven’t already, please hit the subscribe button to stay in touch.

1. Don’t feel rushed.
As a first time Mummy I definitely felt like I started our weaning journey before I was ready let alone baby! You won’t be the first parent to feel like you’re forcing your baby to eat when they just aren’t ready. If they will only take a couple of mouthfuls before becoming fussy, don’t worry. Every new food is a taste adventure for them and when they come to try it again it will feel more familiar. Just like their milk feeds, baby will know if you are feeling stressed and will respond accordingly. Come back to it later.

2. There is no right or wrong.
You know your baby best. If they are interested in you eating at mealtimes, introduce food to them while you’re eating too. If it’s easier for you to just begin introducing food at lunchtime then do just that. If you want to do an evening meal because that’s when you have help at home then so be it. Whatever suits you will help you to feel relaxed when trying something new.

3. Make food fun.
In the Thrifty household we have been doing a mixture of baby led weaning and puree. Children learn most through play so let them feel the puree on their fingers, smush their hands into the bowl and smear it on their trays (as much as you can bear before your urge to clean takes over!). These experiences will help your baby to become used to textures and tastes whilst using all of their senses.

4. Single, simple and slow.
To begin with we introduced single vegetables with simple flavours as slowly as possible. In the first week we tried carrots, sweet potato, parsnip, butternut squash, peas, baby rice and yoghurt all with varying levels of success. We tried Ella’s Kitchen ‘just veg’ pouches because we got a free sample voucher by signing up on the website – get yours here. Alternatively, make your own by getting out your slow cooker and steamer. Simply place a whole organic butternut squash into your slow cooker by itself and cook on high for 4-5 hours then, once cooked, slice down the middle and scoop out the flesh (avoiding the seeds!). This organic no fuss baby food can then be put into ice cube trays and frozen with no need for whizzing, pureeing or adding milk – voilà!

5. Use distraction
A good friend told me to give your baby their own spoon to play with whilst you feed them with another one. We went straight on to using Boots Baby brightly coloured stage 2 feeding spoons using Parenting Club vouchers which have been good and have a soft tip. This (usually!) stops them from grabbing the spoon you are using to feed. Simple but it works!

6. Highchair drama
We’ve all been there. Those slippy, slidy wooden highchairs favoured by most restaurants aren’t brilliant for supporting baby whilst feeding or eating. We’ve fed Thrifty Bubba in her upright baby chair with the toys removed and tried the Bumbo chair too which wasn’t ideal. If you can, I would suggest using something second-hand that could help. Today I found a Chicco support chair – which transforms any chair into a high chair – on a Facebook group for just £6! With a bit of a clean, it’s as good as new. Other Mummies also recommend the Venture Travel Booster Seat.

7. Pack your lunchbox
Just like my changing bag, I always pack baby’s lunchbox the night before. I’m currently using a small cool bag. Better still, buy your child their own lunchbox so they get used to seeing it and associating it with mealtimes. Mine currently includes three spoons, three pouches, a silicone teether from Kito Baby UK, a bib and wipes. This means I can leave the house on time without having to rush around.
8. Wipe clean bibs
In the first week I used pull over plastic backed material bibs and material bibs with arms – both of which are useful. However, I ended up doing A LOT of washing because weaning is messy,  baby food stains and moist bibs go mouldy very quickly! Now, I prefer wipe clean silicone bibs (one I got free at a jumble sale, yay!) which can be used over again and also have expandable necks.

Are you weaning your baby currently? Have you weaned your little one already? If you’ve enjoyed this post or have any weaning ideas that you’ve found useful, please comment below or share them with me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or a dietician. All of my tips are only based on my own experience as a parent. If you are having any issues or concerns when weaning your child please speak to a healthcare professional e.g your health visitor or GP.

All of the products mentioned in this post have been purchased by me. This is not an advert. Therefore, you can rest assured that my Mummy opinions have not been influenced by any of the brands mentioned.


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