(AD) When we met Chris Packham courtesy of Cotswold Outdoor

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Last week we were kindly invited to attend an event hosted by Cotswold Outdoor. I was delighted when I found out the event was to feature one of my favourite television personalities too – the wildlife expert and naturalist Chris Packham!

In fact, when Thrifty Bubba was born I used to watch Springwatch in the evenings. I’ve always been a fan of nature programmes but as a new parent I felt it was important to focus on something positive and shy away from the sensational stories so often shown on our screens.

Springwatch was full of the joys of spring and, having a baby the same age as the Peregrine Falcon chicks, I enjoyed watching a show which focused on how beautiful our world is.

I have been eagerly anticipating the return of Springwatch so I leapt at the chance to meet Chris Packham in person at the launch of his clothing range at Cotswold Outdoor.

Chris Packham has recently released a new range of clothing for both children and adults who are fond of exploring the great outdoors.

The clothing range offers vibrant, practical items with special features designed with naturalists in mind.

For instance, the jackets for both children and adults feature ‘wet pockets’ for placing your foraged items inside. This pocket can then be easily removed for washing.

During the event Chris shared some of his most prized possessions; the treasure he has collected over the years. His collection included the very first fox skull he found, a piece of baleen whale and a rare angelfish skeleton.

As Chris said himself at the event, “Unless children see it and touch it and get bitten, stung and slimed by it then they won’t understand the true beauty in nature”.

As a trained teacher this really resonated with me; learning through experience is the best way to learn. Getting outside is so important for people of all ages and it’s just wonderful for your health and wellbeing. There is a whole world of possibility right outside your front door just waiting to be explored. Hopefully Chris’s new range of clothing will help children and adults alike in their quest to spend more time outside enjoying the wonder of nature.

Sometimes meeting people you only know through your television screen can be disappointing but I have to say that Chris was exactly how I expected him to be. He took the time to speak to everyone who attended, answered questions from the local Brownie group and happily posed for photographs with fans.

His adored dog Scratchy also joined him at the event and Thrifty Bubba fell in love with him at first sight. She was the youngest audience member but she listened intently to Chris’s talk – I think all those hours of Springwatch as a newborn must have meant she was used to hearing his voice!

So, if you have little or large explorers in your house (or garden!) be sure to check out the latest Chris Packham range by visiting the website here.

To find out more about Chris Packham please visit his dedicated website here.

For further information about Cotswold Outdoor and to find your nearest store please click here.

Many thanks to Cotswold Outdoor and Canoe PR for inviting us to join their special talk plus question and answer session with Chris Packham.

Are you a fan of Springwatch too? Do you and your family love getting outside for some fresh air? Comment below and let me know. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. It’s great to meet a hero! His openness about how autism /Asperger’s has affected his life, or rather, how this has NOT stopped him doing what he is passionate about, made for a moving, amusing and thought provoking documentary. Did you see it?

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