Guest blog post: The future is bright, the future is yellow

Want to eat more greens, whilst spending less on greens and doing your bit to be green? Then shop yellow!

Yellow stickers became the bulk of my food shop several years ago. I buy produce which has reached its use by date (supermarkets reduce the price by up to 90%) and will eat and cook with whatever I have.

More recently, this has extended to sourcing free food. This type of shopping/eating has meant that I’ve increased my confidence in the kitchen; I am a reformed can’t cook, won’t cook. I’ve been introduced to a range of new foods; I am fussy eater no more. Massive savings on my grocery bill has also meant that I have become choosier and more conscientious of how and where I am prepared to spend my money. More mindful of food waste/sustainability, which has led me to volunteer with the commendable food poverty charity The Felix Project and make a concerted effort to recycle, compost, reuse jars, bottles etc and use less plastic.

I’d like to share my 3 top tips for eating well for less:-

1. Check the reduced sections each and every time:

Supermarkets will reduce early in the day, sometimes the night before, at say 25%. This will increase throughout the day and final reductions can be between 75-90% with 7-8pm being the optimal time but this will vary. Get into the habit of checking the reduced sections irrespective of which store you are in, including petrol stations, mini supermarkets. There is usually an allocated crate in the fruit/veg aisle, dairy, meat, bakery and look out for dry goods; this will normally be damaged products such as a dented tin or when a store needs to clear a line.

2. Adopt a waste not want not attitude:-

Olio is a food sharing app where users can advertise food that they no longer want for whatever reason; moving home, change of dietary requirements etc. Businesses such as Deliciously Ella and Pret a Manger also distribute food on there which would otherwise be wasted. Aside from social media, how often is there surplus food from office meetings, a neighbour with an apple tree, family and friends who have decided that they no longer like a certain brand. Be the one who is open to trying new foods, recipes and meals. Take my word for it – talk about food waste and being able to make meals with what you have for long enough and people will give you food just to shut you up – ha!

3. Research food storage:-

I had no clue that cheese could be frozen and have been guilty in the past of binning it as soon as I spotted mould. Milk, bread, dairy, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cooked meals can all be frozen. Simply by making use of what you have and wasting less you will instantly save money. Remember shop from your cupboards, dine from your freezer.

This guest blog post was written by Laura aka Yellow Sticker Gal/Reduction Raider 1 and I’m delighted she wanted to share her top three tips for shopping yellow on my blog.

I’m excited to tell you that Laura now has her own dedicated blog. So, for more tips on how to eat well for less and to subscribe please visit: You can also find Laura on Instagram and Facebook too so do check her out and let her know I sent you. If you’ve been inspired to shop yellow then please comment below.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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