(AD) Our day out at Dinky Street

This blog post is marked as an AD (advert) because I was gifted tickets to visit Dinky Street free of charge in return for writing a review and/or social media coverage. I aim to be transparent in order to retain your trust and I hope you will continue to support the Thrifty Mumma Thrifty Bubba blog and social media channels.

If you are local to Gloucestershire then you’ll know that there has been a buzz about a new street opening in town.

Dinky Street, Cheltenham’s latest role play venue for little people, has been the passionate venture of Michelle and Louise who were keen to add their own stamp on children’s play areas available in Gloucestershire.

As the dedicated website states, ‘Dinky Street is a children’s role play centre where little imaginations come to life! Educational play is lots of fun here as we have seven different play areas that are all made especially for dinky people to enjoy.’


All centred on a dinky street, children can ride toy cars around a roundabout and stop at each of the various play areas located off the main corridor.

Children are able to roam freely between the play areas which include a police station, beauty salon, supermarket, doctor’s surgery and café. Each area is fully stocked with high quality play equipment which is kept scrupulously clean and allows children to fully engage in role play as well as each other. Dinky Street also has a party room which enables them to cater for children’s party with a dinky difference!

It was brilliant to see where Bubba’s interests took her and how much fun she had – she loved dressing up in the Dinky Drama zone and filling a trolley at Dinky Discounts!


There is even a cosy, comfortable and well stocked café for parents and carers to enjoy.

Open 7 days a week, Dinky Street offers four scheduled sessions a day. This ensures that the venue is never over crowded and while the main sessions are suitable for children 0-7 years, the final session of the day is open for children 0-10 years.

Dinky Street also runs an additional needs session to ensure that children who would benefit from a smaller and quieter session can also enjoy all that the centre has to offer.

The entry prices are very competitive too – one child is just £5.80 (with further discounted rates for siblings/babes in arms) and one adult is free with a paying child which I thought was a great idea. Just remember to bring socks for everyone in your party.

Thank you very much to the team at Dinky Street for inviting Bubba and I to spend the morning at your superb venue – we will definitely be back soon!

Have you been to Dinky Street yet? Does your little one love role play too? I’d love to hear your thoughts so do comment below and let us know.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

For more information about Dinky Street please visit the dedicated website: www.dinkystreet.co.uk

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