Why you should charity shop too

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

In today’s post I am discussing all things second hand and, in particular, why you should charity shop.

If you are a donater but not yet a shopper then my latest vlog ‘Why you should charity shop too’ may just inspire you to take a browse next time you are passing.

Supporting a worthwhile cause whilst shopping is just one of the reasons why you should charity shop.

The UK has a bad reputation for having a throwaway culture with many single use items of clothing going to landfill.

It goes without saying that the more we can recycle and reuse items the better. After all, one person’s trash is often another person’s treasure!

Charity shop prices are amazing too – I’ve found many items that are brand new with tags at just a fraction of their original price. It is definitely worth having a look and seeing what bargains you can find.

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a charity shop? Are you addicted to the thrill of bargain hunting like me? Comment below and let me know – I love hearing your stories!

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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  1. My mum died this summer and I felt her whisper of ‘treat yourself’ when I desperately tried to find something in my wardrobe to wear to the funeral that wasn’t my usual jeans and top. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something new and happened to pop into a charity shop to donate some items and thought I’d have a look at the rails. I picked up a dress for £6.50 :0)
    I’m in a spell of decluttering now and Dad is sorting through Mum’s stuff and it is so much easier now we donate to the Sue Ryder charity shop. It helps us to feel we are giving something back for the wonderful care we all received while Mum was in the hospice and we feel better for having less stuff!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum. I have worn secondhand outfits from charity shops to funerals too – they are great places to find occasion outfits. I’m so pleased to hear that donating to Sue Ryder shops is helping you at this difficult time. Sending you love X

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