How to holiday at home: Simple Summer tips for toddlers


What does Summer mean to you?

For me, Summer days mean long, leisurely strolls in the sunshine, splashing in the sea, swimming in pools and dining alfresco – watermelon, strawberries and ice cream are just some of the Summer treats I love.

Summer is the season in which most of my childhood memories were made. I loved spending time in our family garden, shelling peas from the homegrown vegetable patch, playing in the playhouse with my sister or sliding down the slip ‘n’ slide. I was equally at home whiling away days on beaches in the UK or abroad.

As a parent, I am keen to provide Bubba with lots of lovely experiences that she can look back on fondly. This Summer we saved our pennies and went on holiday to Croatia:

However, it can also be fun to hold your own ‘holiday’ at home. Sometimes the simple things are the most effective.

In the last week we have picked strawberries at Primrose Vale Farm Shop and visited Rodborough Common to enjoy Winstones ice cream both of which have been enjoyable for us all as a family at a small cost:

Here are some other thrifty ideas that don’t cost the earth and happen to be lots of fun, especially when you have children in tow:

1. Visit your local splash park
Totally free and excellent fun, splash pads seem to be popping up at parks all over the country. Look online for your nearest one, pack your swim kit and set off for a day of splashing around.

2. Have a picnic
Eating outside is perfect for children and it does wonders for adults too. Take a picnic with you on a walk or hold one in your very own back garden. Picnics are also fun at the beach too. Wherever you decide to picnic, please remember to take your rubbish home with you!

3. Make homemade ice lollies
Diluted squash, whizzed up fruit and angel delight all make brilliant ice lollies. I picked up an ice lolly mould from my local jumble sale. If you don’t already have an ice lolly mould then get creative! Cut slits in children’s fromage frais yoghurts (Lidl/Aldi own brand work well) with a knife, insert a plastic spoon into each one and place in the freezer. You’ll soon have your very own frozen yoghurt to enjoy in the garden.

What are your favourite activities for Summer days? I’d love to know so comment below and let me know.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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