(AD) Studiowise Barrett and Coe photography studio

This blog post is marked as an AD (advert) because I was gifted a product or service in return for writing a review and/or social media coverage. I aim to be transparent in order to retain your trust and I hope you will continue to support the Thrifty Mumma Thrifty Bubba blog and social media channels.

Nestled on the edge of Bristol in Winterbourne the Studiowise Barrett and Coe photography studio is thriving.

Run by Martin Wise, Studiowise Barrett and Coe is long established and prides itself on adapting to customer needs to ensure the most special moments are captured with ease and sensitivity.

With free on site parking the studio is well situated especially if you are travelling with children or pets.

On our arrival Martin met us enthusiastically at the door instantly sparking a connection with my daughter through a game of peek-a-boo. As she was awake and alert, Martin suggested we got straight into the studio in order to capture her while she was comfortable.

The studio itself was large and airy, offering us plenty of space and opportunity for different shots at varying levels.

Martin encouraged me to help my baby to relax by talking to her and providing toys to distract her. Despite various outfit changes, props and a crawling baby, Martin remained focused on letting my daughter be herself and followed her lead. He offered encouragement and entertained us both with his easy going nature – it is simple to see why he is so popular as a wedding photographer – we were swiftly made to feel at ease in the studio.

Martin also made me feel confident enough to try some mother and daughter shots. He calmly encouraged me to position myself so as to get the perfect, relaxed image.

The hour long session passed quickly and Martin ensured that we were fully happy before wrapping up the shoot.

When the time came to view the images we were amazed at the quality and range of photographs that were provided. Martin had captured the essence of both of our personalities and this shone through. Usually, when viewing photographs of yourself, you can be very critical. Most importantly, my family and I liked all of the images. The photographs from Barrett and Coe were very impressive and of high quality.

For further information about Barrett and Coe or to book an appointment please visit the dedicated website.

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